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St. Patricks Keady 6th Year Twin Pack Shirt by 1880 Club


Introducing the St. Patricks Keady Stripe Double Pack Shirts – an exclusive creation meticulously tailored for us by 1880 Club®. These shirts are thoughtfully designed, featuring a printed stripe that impeccably aligns with the uniform regulations mandated by St. Patricks Keady, catering specifically to 6th and 7th-year pupils.

Immerse yourself in the distinctive style of this double pack, where each shirt is a testament to quality craftsmanship and adherence to school guidelines. The precision of the printed stripe not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures that your uniform seamlessly complies with St. Patricks Keady's regulations.

Crafted by 1880 Club®, a trusted name synonymous with quality apparel, these shirts embody the perfect fusion of style and functionality. The meticulous attention to detail in the design underscores a commitment to meeting the specific requirements of St. Patricks Keady, creating shirts that are not only fashion-forward but also fully compliant.

Elevate your school attire with the St. Patricks Keady Stripe Double Pack Shirts – where fashion seamlessly meets conformity. Rely on the expertise of 1880 Club® to deliver shirts that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Order now and experience the perfect synthesis of style, comfort, and adherence to uniform regulations.

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